Thursday, September 16, 2010

Husbands Are the Best!!!

I know Jenni recently did an ode to husbands but I really must talk about how awesome mine is!  Some of you may know I've been struggling with a middle grade fantasy novel for about 3 years now.  I finally set it aside for the past year much to my husband's disappointment.  He loves the story so much he can't stop thinking about it.  He keeps threatening to write the book himself and I keep telling him no because I'm so afraid he'll do it better than me!!  LOL!  But finally last night he says, "So can we talk about your book yet?"  (I've been too discouraged to even talk about it for so long.)  I'm working on my inner writing team and being open to my stories and allowing myself to be more positive about writing.  So I said sure.  I grabbed a pen and a paper and my husband proceeded to give me exactly what I've been looking for to help this story.  He laid out the world building points that had been getting me stuck and together we outlined a whole book and this time it has a plot!!  I've been needing a way to simplify the story and make it feel accomplishable and in one night my hubby did that for me!!  Now that I know what he's got I'm not letting him off that easy, he has to help me write it now.  And we were worried we couldn't find a way to have dates without it cost money.  Now we will go to our own little world and write the story together. 

Moral of the story, listen to our husbands and those around us, they may just have the very thoughts our own brain couldn't come up with!!


  1. That's awesome! I'm glad you're getting back to writing the book. Also - cool pic of your hubby - where is he standing?

  2. Thanks, Tamara. I took that picture in March when my hubby and I went to San Diego for our anniversary. He's standing in front of a memorial for some ships that were lost during WWII. He's really into that sort of thing!

  3. My husband is the best at helping me decide if something works in a story. I'll be reading out loud to him on something I've just finished up and I take these random stops and ask, does that make sense?
    My MC was making some not great decisions and I stopped and looked at him, "is she annoying you?" I asked.
    "Not as much as Bella."
    Perfect. I'm okay.
    It's nice to have a partner.

  4. My husband would love this post, especially your advice about listening to husbands.

    Jolene your Bella comments made me laugh. :D

  5. My husband is the main reason I can write. His encouragement and support are exactly what I need.

    Great post. I'm going to tell my hubby how much I appreciate him!

  6. my husband is great in many ways, but he is still learning how to be the spouse of a writer. He doesn't read a lot of what I write. Sometimes I like it that way and other times I really would love his opinion.

    Truth, be total I think we both have a little fear of what might happen once he starts reading my work.

    Nikki, I am excited that your hubby has gotten you back into your story. That is so fun.

  7. That was supposed to be truth be told. You can tell I have pregnancy brain (and fingers) I'm not going to read any more of my comment... I am certain there are tons of typos.



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