Sunday, September 19, 2010

Success in Writing

by Elizabeth Mueller

Sometime ago I posted about success in the home. Today will be briefly mentioned on writing.

I know of a few authors that do it for the pure joy of writing. There are others who measure their success by dollars. For me, it all started out with the feeling of escapism. How I can fly to different lands and meet peoples from any era of time--imagined or otherwise.

My goal is to say that I did it. I did it! I know how my example of pursuing my dreams will effect my children. That to me is success.

What is success to you? Do you fear it?

Temple Progress:

*They are ready to start putting in foundation forms for the concrete.

*my source is from my Relief Society e-mail newsletter


  1. I write because I love it. At least that's what keeps me going. The pure joy of putting words on paper.

  2. Sugoi, how wonderful! Don't you just love being a writer?



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